Award Winning Film - The Kamasutra Garden is the story of the only brothel in the world that trains the women “The Kamasutra Techniques of love making. an award winning documentary filmmaker “William” visits “The Kamasutra Garden” to prepare a documentary. The girls are young, beautiful and every man’s fantasy. However, William soon discovers the complex lives and secrets of the women who work there. The feature film is based on the acclaimed novel “The Kamasutra Garden” by Hollywood filmmaker Riju R. Sam. For location pictures and videos, please visit website: . The company plans to submit to leading film markets including American Film Market (AFM), Cinemart, Hong Kong, IFP Market, Marché du Film, MIPCOM, NATPE, etc and also to film awards committee including Academy Awards, Oscars, Golden Globe, Cannes, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance, Sundance Film Festival, Grammy, Grammies, American Music Awards, AMA, Country Music Awards, CMA, Indies, Indies Music Awards, etc.


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